ABOUT camilla & brogan

Camilla and Brogan are passionate improv people, committed to creating positive change through personal change. Our coaching and consulting services, using the power of applied improv, will help you move the needle from where you are to where you want to be.


Camilla Modesitt

Camilla is an attorney, a charter school founder, and a mom of two teenage kids. As a charter school founder, Camilla is well-versed in start-up challenges, effective leadership, and most important, perseverance. Her passion is improving life experiences - personal or professional - with applied improv skills. She is a tireless advocate for women in the workspace and building effective teams. As an Enneagram 2 with a 3 wing, Camilla is the quintessential servant-leader and will do everything in her power to set you or your team up for success.

Camilla also has an online class, Define Your Purposed With Improv, that you can find here. It is 7 days, $17, delivered to your inbox. Enjoy!



Brogan Boles

Brogan has spent her professional career in higher education - first helping students afford a college education, and now inspiring them in their first year success. Being the first generation in her family to attend college and Latinx, Brogan uniquely understands the difficulties minorities can face navigating higher education, as well as the sensitive conversations around race and identity. Brogan has her Master's in Organizational Leadership and Change Management, and she is a big believer that an improv mindset is critical for organizational success. She is the only person ever known to score across the board as an "Influencer" in the Strength Finder test.