healthy Communication

Yes, And!

Healthy communication is the antidote to conflict in the workplace. Only Opportunity is serious about helping teams and organizations create healthy, productive, fun workplace environments.

Our full and half-day trainings focus on creating healthy communication, fostering a positive workplace culture, and team building. Our trainings are a departure from traditional, facilitated trainings that are a lot of talk and little action.

In our trainings, everyone participates. Our whole body approach to training uses the power of science to connect the body and the brain, amplifying the take aways.

Through engaging, interactive exercises specifically designed to meet your teams needs, we teach practical skills and techniques to make communicating with others more effective, increase awareness around the importance of healthy communication, and demonstrate how communication impacts relationships throughout the organization.

We tailor our program for your needs through team interviews designed to learn about the organization, desired outcomes, and opportunities. We spend a considerable amount of time creating a training that is fun and enjoyable, but more importantly, profoundly impactful.


Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the look and feel of healthy communication

  • Recognize and practice the power of listening - show others they are heard and valued

  • Develop immediate and long-term skills to improve communication with superiors, employees, peers, and customers


  • Determine factors for effective organizational communication strategies

  • Identify critical elements for active listening

  • Understand effective questioning and summarizing techniques - Yes, And!

  • Understand the impact of nonverbal communication

  • Practice collaborative exercises that allow you see and feel healthy team dynamics

  • Embrace the fear of failure