We are serious about applied improv -

We are serious about applied improv -

Women’s Leadership

“I brought Camilla Modesitt into a transformational women's leadership program I co-founded and she is amazing! Camilla led an powerful workshop where participants not only "learned" intellectually they gained true "wisdom" by embodying leadership principles that were conveyed in an engaging, informative, and fun manner. Effective leadership entails awareness of who you are and how you show up and Camilla created a space where the women could feel and experience their individual capacity on a deep level. Participants came away from her workshop with enhanced abilities in listening, team work, self-awareness, and communication. I wouldn't hesitate to partner with Camilla again - she is truly an outstanding and gifted facilitator." Elisa C.

Student experiences

“Only Opportunity walks the walk. They are entertaining to watch and engaging to work with. After my workshop, I felt encouraged to bring my authentic self in new ways I had never considered.” Taylor W.

Healthy communication

“Camilla and Brogan taught our team how to work together in new and insightful ways. From the beginning, the workshop was engaging, fun, and interactive. Their applied improv exercises helped us understand and implement healthy communication, rather than just listen to someone talk about it. I highly recommend their Healthy Communication workshops.” Mark N.

but we also know how to have fun!

but we also know how to have fun!


“As part of the Women Thrive Leadership program, I participated in an all day workshop led by Camilla Modesitt. It was by far one of the most valuable, fun and engaging workshops I have attended. Camilla led our group through a series of “learn by doing” exercises that taught us how to claim our space, listen without an agenda, and communicate in a more authentic and effective way. It’s easy to talk about these concepts but another thing all together to practice them and see the immediate results.” Time well spent!!” Kaye N.

Applied Improv

“I recently attended a week-long Leadership Course. Fifty people from around the globe spent the week sitting through presentations, doing ice breakers, and the predictable “build this thing out of only these odd materials” team challenge.

It was all pretty much forgettable, EXCEPT for the one afternoon we spend doing IMPROV. The lessons from that session - saying “Yes, and” or “Tell me more,” inspiring creativity, embracing and appreciating each other’s different perspectives - these are the lessons that stuck with me, that I will use moving forward as a project manager.” Joanna W.